European Association for Medical Device Reprocessing


The Next Generation of Reprocessing

The European Association for Medical Device Reprocessing (EAMDR) was created in 2003. It represents and promotes the interests of associations and research institutes, companies, opinion leaders on hygiene and microbiology, as well as members of the medical device industry involved in the reprocessing of medical devices throughout Europe.

Safe Reprocessing in Europe

The vision of EAMDR is that of a competitive and growing single European market for reprocessing of medical devices. Market activities would take place within a legislative framework – guaranteeing patient and user safety, ensuring the efficiency of the European health sector and providing the industry with legal stability and growth opportunities.

The EAMDR seeks to

  • Increase the quality of health care systems
  • Further professionalise the reprocessing of medical devices
  • Achieve the creation of a European-wide legal framework for reprocessing
  • Promote scientific research and education in the field of health

More precisely, the EAMDR aims at

  • Securing and improving the proper hygiene, functionality and working order of medical devices
  • Implementing total quality management systems in all reprocessing facilities
  • Introducing national and European-level uniform quality standards
  • Fostering the exchange of scientific knowledge and progress