European Association for Medical Device Reprocessing


Safety First: Reprocessing of Medical Devices in Europe

If a medical device is labelled “multiple-use”, what are the best ways to reprocess? What are the future challenges and policy implications?.

If a medical device is labelled “single-use”, is it possible to reprocess it without putting patients or users at risk? The answer is yes - for certain devices, with the appropriate procedures.

Is there any difference in requirements on reprocessing so called “single-use” and “multiple-use” medical devices? The answer is yes –from the technologically point of view, but NO regarding the essential requirements. Reprocessed medical devices have to fulfil the same requirements regardless the labeling as single- or multiple use.

This website provides an overview of facts and positions in the lively debate on reprocessing of medical devices in Europe. Feel invited to find out more about reprocessing, its challenges and future implications.

EAMDR stands for the Future of Reprocessing

It is EAMDR’s firm position that reprocessing can reduce risks, costs, and waste production. Representing and promoting the interests of associations and research institutes, companies, opinion leaders on hygiene and microbiology, as well as members of the medical device industry involved in the reprocessing of medical devices throughout Europe, the vision of EAMDR is that of a competitive and growing single European market for reprocessing of medical devices.